Investing in Women to Create a Fairer World.

We help disadvantaged Women around the World to set up and grow businesses.

Our 2021 Mission

This year, we aim to improve the lives of over 1,000 Women in some of the most gender unequal countries in the world through education, training, finance & support.

Keep Girls in school in Malawi

Keep Girls in Malawi in school during their periods with reusable sanitary kits sewn by local Women sewing groups.

Help Guatemalan Women start out

Provide rural Guatemalan women with start up loans & 12 group education sessions on health, women’s rights & business.

Train Young Women in Nepal

Provide vulnerable young women from impoverished regions of Nepal with Trekking Guide Training & apprenticeship.

Help African Women start out

Provide women living in extreme poverty in Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe with one years worth of business loans & training.

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How We Work

The money we raise is used to support women who are excluded from the global economy, often in rural communities with no access to institutional finance. We work with charitable partners who have specialist regional knowledge and experience of helping women achieve their potential.

Our Partners

About our 2021 causes

Keep girls in Malawi in school during their periods

Menstruation brings many challenges to girls who come from underprivileged families in Malawi as they face stigma due to lack of sanitary pads so are unable to interact & attend classes. In fact, in 2015 most girls failed to go to school during their menstruation period.
Schools typically provide safe spaces for girls, because when they are in school, they are less likely to be forced into marriage.
This is the reason why we are supporting Starfish Malawi’s Gateway Programme, which set up & equips local women sewing groups to produce & distribute reusable sanitary kits to school girls.
This benefits not only the school girls, but also the members of the sewing groups, whose ability to produce and sell sanitary kits, allows them to move out of poverty.

Finance & support Guatemalan women

Guatemala is one of the most gender-unequal countries in the World. 59% of the population lives in poverty & more than 60% of indigenous Guatemalan women are illiterate.
The funds that we raise support Friendship Bridge’s Microcredit Plus program, which combines microfinance, education, & preventive health services to women in Guatemala to support them in building resilience and pursuing opportunities.
To borrow through the program, women must first form groups of 7-25 members called Trust Banks. Each Trust Bank co-guarantees individual member’s loans & the women participate in non-formal education sessions that are part of every monthly repayment meeting. This group lending model creates an empowering environment through the women’s support and encouragement of each other. In other words, they receive social capital in addition to the financial capital they receive through loans.

Train vulnerable young women from Nepal to become Trekking Guides

Girls & women in Nepal, & especially those living in rural areas, face discrimination & violence due to the patriarchal culture & their lack of knowledge & skills, psychological support, & economic opportunities.
We are supporting Empowering Women of Nepal’s Female Trekking Guide Programme, an intensive four-week training designed to extend educational, employment, & entrepreneurial opportunities to disadvantaged women from all over Nepal, which can be followed by a six-month paid apprenticeship scheme with 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking, allowing the girls develop the skills needed to emerge as independent entrepreneurs.

Finance & Support women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa remains the poorest region in the world with a disproportionate number of extreme poor being women who live without the infrastructure and resources to support themselves and their families.
Gender inequality is of major concern when tackling poverty. For women living in rural areas, some of the key drivers are low levels of education, financial exclusion, lack of livelihood opportunities and even an uneven impact from climate change. We work with Microloan Foundation to empower some of the poorest and most marginalised women in rural areas of Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe, supporting their livelihoods programme. The livelihoods programme provides women with microloans & comprehensive mentoring throughout their loan cycle. With a stable, sustainable income, women that once faced hunger are now able to provide for their family’s daily needs. It costs £120 to fully train, mentor and finance a female entrepreneur for one year.